Starter Clutch Assembly: For after market, the starter clutch will go with the Gear. Illustrated in Fig. 1   Starter Clutch: We supply Roller Type, Spraq Type and Starter Bendix Clutch.   Spraq and Roller type cage and rollers Basically there are two contact elements of the Starter Clutch, one is Roller and another one is Spraq type. Of course the shape of the spraq differs in several types.

Overrunning Starter Clutch: The series of freewheels are adopted the spraq. This type can be taken higher torque, longer life time and less noise. The starter clutch uses spraqs or rollers that lock the crank shaft to the starter gears when turned in one direction and freewheel when turned in the opposite direction. This allows the starter to lock up solid when starting the engine, and then to release when the engine starts.     Application of the one way clutch: ATV,Motorcycle, Automobile, Electricbike, Speed Reducer, Home Appliance, OA Machine

Yamaha Cygnus
Honda Elite 250 (20 Spraqs)
Honda Elite 250 (16 Spraqs)
Honda Elite 125
Honda Dylan SH 150
Honda Wave 125
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